Merchandise and Photos


Let everybody know your passion for acting and the arts with cool gear from Commonwealth Theatre Center! You can browse items like hoodies and goodies, or even order production photos from recent and past shows. Scroll down the page to visit the photo galleries (below the merchandise list).

We have something for everyone, and don't forget: CTC merch ALWAYS makes a good gift. Please contact Lindsay for more information, shirt availability, or to order your own.

Star Raglan Red


$20 (adult only)

Star Raglan Blue


$20 (adult only)

Star Crew Tee (Olive)


$15 (adult only)

Star Tee (Blue)


$15 (adult/kids)

Star Crew (Tangerine)


$15 (adult/kids)

Pride Hoodie


$35 (adult)  $30 (kids)

Sunrise Hoodie


$35 (adult)  $30 (kids)

Pride Tee


$20 (adult/kids)

CTC Tee (Black/Silver)


$15 (adult)

Summer Tee


$10 (adult/kids)

CTC Tee (Candy)


$15 (adult)  $10 (kids)

Online Photo Galleries

Visit the linked galleries below to view images. The images in the galleries are low-resolution and have been watermarked. Full-resolution, unwatermarked digital files of all photos are available at the following price points.

For ordering, follow the instructions below:

  • click a button below to open a Flickr gallery
  • flip through and find an image or images you like
  • a filename will appear when you click or hover on an image
  • make a list of the image filenames you’d like to order (use the “X of YYY” numbers in the filename)
  • submit your list to this email address

Here are the price points for ordering images.

  • 2 for $5
  • 5 for $10 (or 5-9 qty for $2 each)
  • 10 for $15 (or 10-19 qty for $1.50 each)
  • 20 for $25 (or 20-49 qty for $1.25 each)
  • 50 for $50 ($1.00 each, you get the drift)
  • Full photoset of each show $75

If you don't see the show you're looking for, or you encounter a bug that limits the number of images in a gallery, please visit our Flickr page.