Nation In Crisis

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Your student watched a performance of Nation In Crisis today with their class. The program looked at history from the Civil Rights Era in the United States of America. Take time today to work together on these activities!


Civil Rights Champions Name Search

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Crossword Puzzle

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Story Sharing

Stories are a central part of who we are. They are passed down from one generation to the next. The stories we have from the Civil Rights Movement are because people took the time to share their experiences.  Are there Civil Rights stories that have impacted you or someone you know? Tonight, use this opportunity to listen and tell stories together.

After ask your student what they learned from 

With a parent child, discuss the importance of their name. If there is a story about how they received their name or someone they are named after, tell your child. Research their name. Go to the library to look at name books or simple search the internet for name meanings and country of origin.

Later, work together to create a sign or art project featuring their name. Help them decide what they could use to show what their name means to them. After the project is finished, find an appropriate spot to hang their creation to remind them how special they are.

For tonight’s story, your child should be the storyteller. Have them retell Rumpelstiltskin in their own words!

How many different versions of the tale Rumpelstiltskin can they tell? What were the differences in Blue Apple’s version from the traditional tale? Were there similarities?

Discuss the morals of the story with your child. What was the moral of Rumpelstiltskin? Can you find the morals to other stories you read too?

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