CTC Online

In the midst of these tricky times, CTC is working hard to meet you where you are. We continue developing programming that excites, empowers, educates, and entertains - even as we're all doing our best to get COVID-19 behind us.

Check out the offerings below to see what we've been up to!

#ThrowbackThursday Vault Series

Enjoy these full-length video releases of past shows, from Shakespeare plays performed by actors in CTC's Walden Theatre Conservatory to family-friendly performances of touring musicals by CTC's Blue Apple Outreach Touring Company!

Chats with Charlie

Premiering throughout Summer 2020 on Mondays, CTC Artistic Director Charlie Sexton presented short videos featuring activities you can do at home. #ChatsWithCharlie also offers ways for Conservatory students to stay on top of the work they do throughout the year.

Hangs with Heather

Throughout Summer 2020, every Wednesday CTC Outreach Director Heather Burns presented short videos of imaginative, challenging, and sometimes whimsical ways you can bring theatre into your life - even when you're playing it safe at home.

Support CTC Online!

Producing online original programming is just one way we're working hard to keep you, our extended CTC family, engaged and entertained. Your support will help us continue this creative new direction we're taking through the challenging weeks ahead and beyond.

Please consider making a gift to support our work! Just $5/month can make a HUGE impact in the lives of our students and the community we serve.