Blue Apple Outreach

Commonwealth Theatre Center was formed by the merger of Blue Apple Players and Walden Theatre in 2015 and builds on a shared heritage of excellence and innovation in comprehensive theatre education.


Creating joyful, community-driven learning through accessible, quality arts experiences, and encouraging imaginative pathways to social & academic growth.

Find out more about our programs — from proven favorites to new initiatives — that meet the evolving needs of students, educators, and community partners.

Contact Info:

Heather Burns — Outreach Director

For programming questions and partnership discussions,
email or call 502-589-0084 ext. 315.

Aletia Robey — Outreach Programs Manager

For scheduling and pricing,
email or call 502-589-0084 ext. 305.


Discover Drama

Grades PreK - 12

Price varies by program.
$250 per workshop hour and $200 per hour residency.

  • These fun, energetic workshops introduce foundational acting techniques as students participate in character and story driven theatre exercises.The program may be expanded into a multi-session residency to suit specific grade levels and curricula, including an optional culminating performance. This program can be adapted to suit any age and many different disciplines. A great option for an in-school elective or after school club.

Readiness Adventure: Dinosaur Dig

Grades Pre-K - K

$125/workshop per classroom

Let’s activate our Actors Tools - body, voice, imagination, and courage. We’ll warm up with some dinosaur movements and then we’ll enter the world of make-believe, pretending to be paleontologists brushing the dirt in search of a fossil find, practicing school readiness skills to identify and communicate our learning. 30 minute workshop

Movement for Stories: Desert Discoveries

Grades K-3

$250/workshop hr. per classroom

We’ll use our Actor’s Tools (body, voice, imagination, courage) to traverse the American Southwest and uncover the wonders of the desert. Students will learn about the desert biome through an interactive scavenger hunt and act out an original story of How the Tortoise Got Its Shell. 1 hour workshop.

Art & Selfie-Awareness

NEW in-person WORKSHOP: Grades K–12
$500 per classroom

A fun approach to emotional literacy wrapped in a quick project. Students are introduced to the basics of acting and the brain science behind emotions, and take on a performance challenge to design a character selfie embodying an emotion of their choice. Classroom teachers, bring your cameras. Lesson guide and enrichment tool provided. 2 hours.



Grades 4–12
$200/hr. per classroom* (12+ hrs.)

An in-depth residency designed to build confidence, enhance emotional literacy, and introduce the concept of resilience as the natural counterbalance to the negative health outcomes associated with ACEs (adverse childhood experiences). Students will use multiple art forms to explore the meaning of resilience with practical steps they can use to better cope with stress as they become more resilient. A minimum of 12 hours per classroom and teacher participation is strictly required. 

Emotional Literacy

Grades 4–12
$200/hr. per classroom* (6+ hrs.)

Drama games, acting exercises and storytelling provide an ideal kinesthetic learning experience for introduction and establishing the foundation of Emotional Literacy. Students will learn to identify the brain science behind why we have emotions, to distinguish feelings and their purposes, and the methods for processing and communicating.

*6 session minimum per group of students


Grades 4–12
$200/hr. per classroom* (6+ hrs.)

This residency introduces students to youth activism through the arts. Students will observe examples of prominent young leaders to analyze what makes a powerful call to action. Each participant will identify their own issue, compile and organize information and create themed art to inspire change. Artists of all skill levels will experiment with the medium of their choice: theatrical performance, written, visual, movement, or musical. Students will present final projects on the last two days of the residency. Book 6 hours if you plan to work on projects independently between our visits. Book 8 hours if you want our assistance to support students as they work on their projects. Contact us to plan your residency.

Connecting Cultures

Grades 6–12

$200/hr. per classroom (10+ hrs.)

Participants establish trust & teamwork through theatre activities, learn elements of drama, and focus on written & verbal storytelling. The objectives of the program are to identify & analyze stereotypes, strengthen emotional literacy, and build community. Students create original performance pieces.

Audio Immersive Experience

Zaynab's Night of Destiny by Denmo Ibrahim

Students put on their headphones and embark on an adventure with Zaynab, a young Muslim girl who immigrates to Louisville and has trouble fitting in until she goes on a magical journey of self-discovery. This audio experience includes a picture book featuring original artwork created by Hend Al-Mansour, with multicultural representation inspired by the partner groups that helped shape the narrative: Nur Islamic School of Louisville, Newcomer Academy, Louisville Youth Group, and Imagine Blind Players. A teacher resource guide will accompany the listening experience to spark conversation and increase awareness about Southwest Asian, North African, and South Asian culture, religion, instruments, food, and customs as well as the importance of intersectionality and cultural acceptance. Students will be encouraged to interact with digital tools that will empower them to share and celebrate their own stories about where they come from and what has shaped who they are.

Customized workshop options, $250 per classroom

  • Diving into the story. We kick off your Zaynab experience by helping set up the first listening experience with discussion prompts, acting games, and getting acquainted with the digital tools.
  • Exploring with Visual Art. We bring the supplies and help your students tackle the same art project that Zaynab does in her story. Make a collage that show who you are.
  • Community Footprint. Let’s prompt your school community with the question “Are you following in someone’s footsteps or forging your own path? Why?” and create an artful bulletin board where individuals can share their experiences.
  • Storybuilding. Learn the elements of writing your own story by playing acting games that help us develop ideas and organize a new story.

Grades 4–8
$500 per school

Enrich learning with an artistic project inspired by class content. Students learn how to create and perform a monologue through the viewpoint of favorite fictional characters, moments in history or scientific discovery. Videos provide instruction, clear examples, and bonus costuming ideas. Lesson guide and enrichment tool provided.

Touring Productions and Field Trips

No Turning Back by Keith McGill

$500 per performance
Grades 4th-12th
Touring January - March 2023

NO TURNING BACK is a live, 2 actor performance highlighting the obstacles and triumphs of Black people using personal perspectives of Kentucky history from the 1860s to the 1970s.

Every character places Black voices at the center of local history so that students thoroughly understand our shared American narrative and Kentucky's role in shaping a diverse nation.

The Inventive Princess of Floralee by Maggie Lou Rader

K-5th grades
$600 per performance
Touring January - March 2023

This two-person, interactive, fairy tale will have your audiences “thinking like scientists” as they follow the Princess of Floralee on the adventure of a lifetime, searching for the kidnapped king kept in the clutches of a viciously vile and wrathfully wicked witch. Along the way, audiences will help the princess solve a variety of math, engineering, science, and even dance challenges as she uses her brains, wit, and sound judgment to find her father in the land Scalenfell. Our princess meets characters like a figure-skating dragon, a Platypus saving Pirate, a gate with a flair for the dramatics, and a witch! This unique educational opportunity unites science and art by giving audiences a chance to laugh, dance, and think critically about topics rooted in STEM.


Black History Month Field Trip

4th-12th grades
DATES: February 6th - 10th
COST: $10 per ticket
One adult chaperone free per every 10 students

Join us at Commonwealth Theatre Center for a performance of No Turning Back by Keith McGill. After the performance, the audience will join breakout sessions for a complementary drama workshop, engaging students in active drama exercises exploring themes from the play.