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Support Youth Arts Education

Commonwealth Theatre Center is raising $9,000 to increase access for young people to be active in the arts by increasing tuition assistance to its nationally acclaimed Walden Theatre Conservatory.

Tuition assistance has been crucial to putting life-changing Conservatory theatre programs within reach of more families from more backgrounds, but demonstrated need still exceeds supply. Funds raised by this project will bridge the financial gap, enabling ~100 students (ages 5-18) to challenge themselves and grow among a vibrant community of engaged, thoughtful, creative young people.

Image: Young people holding phones aloft alongside info on how to donate. More on that below!

Students in CTC’s Walden Theatre Conservatory make bold choices, take creative risks, and build valuable 21st Century Skills. These dynamic theatre programs change the course of a students’ lives, and studies show that students with an arts-rich education outperform by every measure those without – including gains in reading & writing, problem solving, and higher levels of empathy and tolerance for others. In addition, theatre encourages active, analytical listening and cooperation skills translatable to any education or career path.

Your support for Conservatory tuition assistance empowers young people to learn, build confidence, and work collaboratively through theatre – laying a groundwork for the next generation to succeed no matter where they’re coming from or where life takes them.

*Matching funds available up to $9,000 on ArtsMatch made possible thanks to the Fund for the Arts, LG&E and KU Foundation, and other donors. The project is only open through June 15!

Give via PayPal! Click this DONATE button to support financial aid for Conservatory students, Outreach programming development, capacity-building, and much more!

Thank You

Commonwealth Theatre Center is grateful to the scores of supporters who partner with us to sustain innovative programs available to youth and the community.

Institutional Support

Ashley Rountree and Associates
Metro Councilman Rick Blackwell (Dist.12 NDF)
Ciao Ristorante
Clifton Foundation
Cochran Foundation
Community Foundation of Louisville
Community Foundation of Southern Indiana
Comstock Brothers Electric
Derby City IT
Edge Family Charitable Fund
Emke Family Fund
The Event Company
Feast BBQ
Fehr’s Beer
Fund for the Arts
Gheens Foundation
Hamilton & Krebs
Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamilton (Dist.5 NDF)
Heyman Talent
Hi-Float Company
Highland Coffee Company
Augusta Brown Holland Philanthropic Foundation
Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels
Horseshoe Foundation of Floyd County
Councilman David James (Dist.6 NDF)
Councilman Dan Johnson (Dist.21 NDF)
Kentucky Arts Council
Kentucky Foundation for Women
Kindred Healthcare
Kosair Charities

Councilman Kevin Kramer (Dist.11 NDF)
Kroger Company Foundation
Lady Fingers
Lift A Life Foundation
Louisville Metro Government, EAF
Mapother Family Memorial Fund
Mayan Café
Norton Foundation
Ogle Foundation
Oldham County Community Foundation
Councilman Tom Owen (Dist.8 NDF)
Paradis Foundation
Councilman James Peden (Dist.23 NDF)
Porcini/Farmer Children’s Foundation
Republic Bank Foundation
Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin (Dist.2 NDF)
Shubert Foundation
Snowy Owl Foundation
Stoll Keenon Ogden PLLC
Councilman Glen Stuckel (Dist.17 NDF)
Sutherland Foundation
Sweets by Millie
Councilman David Tandy (Dist.4 NDF)
USA Image Technologies
The Voice-Tribune
William E. Barth Foundation
Wiltshire Pantry
Councilwoman Mary Woolridge (Dist.3 NDF)
Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP
Yazatel Intelligent Communications

Individual Support

Donna Adams
Meagen & David Agnew
Alex & Carol Alvarez
Matilda Andrews
Kevin Bachmann
Gloria Bailey
Jamie Berzon
Chris Bingaman
Edith Bingham
Neville Blakemore, Jr.
Nina & Ned Bonnie
Marilyn & Brooks Bower
Marie Bradby
Teal Bridwell
Terry Brooks
Laura Lee Brown & Steve Wilson
Megan Brown 
Gregory J. Bubalo
Ishmon Burks
William & Carol Burns
Brad Calobrace
Rebecca Camarota
Johanna Camenisch
Meg Caudill
Lindsay Chamberlin
Kay Chambers
Ashley Chesman
Jose & Laura Chipe
Kelsey Christianson
Ellen & Thomas Chumbley
Patti Clare & Jack Trawick
David & Pat Clark
Kay Clark
Lynda Clark
John Clay & Charlotte Stites
Susan O. Cohen
Deborah Cooper
Kevin & Mera Corlett
Seth & Shannon Craigo-Snell
Robert Craven
Marry Anne & Mike Cronan IV
Irwin H. & Carol J. Cutler
Nancy Doctor
Andrea & Martin Doyle
Michael Drury & Lane Stumler
Susan & Jeff Dunaway
Jeana Dunlap
Whitney & Don Durs
Angela Dworin
Brooke Edge
Kathryn & Frederick Ernstberger
Gregory Fischer
John Fitzgerald
Danny Flanigan
Cynthia Foshee
Sandra A. Frazier
Carl Friesen
Melissa Gaddie
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Gaeta
James Gandenberger
Katherine Garbarino
Tish & Stephen Geftos
Lee Gibson
Marilyn Givan
Alexandra Polur Gold

Mark Gomsak
Shannon Grayson
Dandi Gu
Debbie Guinn
Marla & Ken Gunn
Liz Haas
Angela & Kenneth Hagan
Wendy Hames
Susan Hamilton
Jennifer Hamm
Hammer & Kohorst
Christopher Haragan
Jennifer Harlan
Sarah & Mike Harlan
Ginger Henderson
Rodney Henderson
Dr. Dean M. Hite
Gill & Augusta Holland
Mr. & Mrs. Roy H. Hunt
Christopher & Laura Johnsrude
David & Betty Jones
David Jones, Jr. & Mary Gwen Wheeler
Martha Jones
Barbara & William Juckett
Scott Justice
Anne Kaiser-Harryman
Geeta Kamat
Matt Kamer
Tracy Karem
Brad Keeton
Baron Kelly
Shelley Kirk
Beverly & Michael Klein
Michele Koch
Sarah Koetter
Mark Kull
Marrilee Kullman
Sharon Landrum
Spencer Larson
Greer Lee
Paul Lenzi
Susanna & Louis Lenzi
Matthew Lewis
Margot & John Lipinski
Jonathan Lowe
Sandy & Chris Lowry
Andrea Luescher
Kevin Lynch
Katherine G. Mapother
Jessica Martin
Patricia Martin
Stephanie & Phillip Martin
Laura Mathis
Tim & Dair Mathistad
Hon. Romano L. Mazzoli
Becky Meisner
Laura Meyer
Tonye Moore
Amber Mormanburke
Adele & Pat Murphy
Jamie Neal
John & Andrea Neichter
Tammy & Scott Nofsinger
Josh O’Bryan
Mary O’Doherty
Anne & Ted Oldham

Joseph Oldham
Dennis & Mary Ottersbach
Shelly Papadopoulos
Jerome Pascua
James Patrick
Florence P. Patterson
Laura Patterson
Anna Paul
Chris Paul
Jennifer Pennington
Gina Perry
Paula Peyrani
David Philips
David Phillips
Margaret Phillips
Bobby Pittenger
Susan Pizzolato
Donna & Dave Pollard
Evan Prizant
Rose Richardson
Ashley Ricketts
Karen & John Rippy
Ellen & Michael Robertson
Neill Robertson
Mark Robich
Susan Rostov
Robert Sachs
Diana Savas
Molly & Brian Schaffner
Lyndon & Helen Schmid
Glen Schorr
Lawrence Shapin
Winona Shiprek
David Shulhafer
Greg & Claire Simms
Sharon Smith & James Mauch
Susan & Tom Sobel
Ann & Thomas Speer
Michael Speer
Mary & Hugh Spencer
Katie Stivers
Victoria Strange
Anita Streeter
Rosalind Streeter
Robby Strobo
Tina Thomas
Bevery & Jim Turner
Dick & Mary Usher
Porter Watkins
Megan Webb
Craig Wellnitz
Vickie Wesley
Emma Wesslund
Paul & Debbie Wesslund
Charles Whaley
Caroline White
Kathleen & Chuck Willenbrink
Bronwyn Williams
Kerry Willis
Dick Wilson
Laura Wince
Dr. Shiao Woo & Mr. John Shaw-Woo
John Young
Kenneth & Shelly Zegart
Eliot Zellers
Sarah Zellers

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